A lighting system is not just a source of light to enlighten your space, it can also provide different looks and feels. 


Other than the lighting design and style, the colour temperature of a light bulb is also important for your lighting décor. Wondering how light colour temperature stimulates the environment and mood in your home? Here are some simple facts to share with you!wink


Different colour temperature brings us different ambiance. Light sources to illuminate an interior space can affect the overall feel based on the colour temperature of the lighting you choose. The 3 basic colour choices of light bulbs are Warm White, Daylight, and Cool White. If you are planning to renovate or remodel your house, try to apply different colour temperatures of lighting depending on your preferred looks and tones.


Warm White


Colour temperature is measured in Kelvins (K) and indicates how warm or cool the colour of the light appears. The most common colour temperatures generally ranging from 2700K to 3000K are called Warm white, it is the standard colour of incandescent bulbs. Warm white light’s soft yellowish-warm glow can add coziness to interior space and brings a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. They are suitable to install for bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, and hotel lobbies.


Cool White


A LED or bulb between 3500K – 4100K is described as Cool White Light. It produces a balanced colour tone to enhance the blue colour and bluish tint to whites and greens to help you be more productive and focused. Besides that, Cool white lighting brings clean and refreshing tones offering a brighter and more energetic feel to complement the decor for the space. It is ideal for kitchens, living rooms, commercial spaces, retail, and workspaces.




Here comes the 3rd colour temperature for your lighting fixtures. Daylight colour measures from 5000K to 6500K. This blue-white resembles the effect of natural light that appears cooler which can strongly enhance blue tones and help us concentrate while doing tasks. The quality of daylight is crisp, clear, and bright. It is best used in laundries, reading or exam rooms, industrial spaces, graphic arts studios, etc.



Applying the right lighting colour temperatures helps to create the right ambiance and tone for your space. If you are intending on purchasing a new lighting fixture for your space, please do not hesitate to visit our store or contact us at +60 12-928 3732. Lim Seong Hai Lighting provides a wide selection of lighting products to help you create your perfect area and light up your life!